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In an effort to assist others, I offer Free Lookups from many sources, which I own, or have access to.  I offer many lookups, from various areas and resources.  Click a link below to see a list of resources I have for each location or source type.
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If you need help with your genealogy research, feel free to email me. My fees are very reasonable. I have researched professionally for about 10 years, and have helped hundreds of people in the past. I research for my clients at the Allen County Library, in Ft. Wayne, IN; which is the second largest genealogy library in the world.

They have all census records for every state in the US as well as many, many other published materials, and materials on microfilm, covering every state and county in the US as well as a lot of materials covering other countries.  These items include Court Records, Passenger Lists, Cemetery Records, Military Records, City Directories, Family Genealogies, Periodicals, and much more.

To see a list of some of the resources available to me through the Allen County Library, click here.

In addition to the various resources available at the library, I also have access to the microfilmed original records for all states and counties. These include deed books, will books, probate records, court minutes; and more.  

I have many people that have used me to research their various lines on more than one occasion.

During the course of your research, I will make copies of anything I find.

To inquire about my fees, and what I might be able to do for you, complete the form below.  I will contact you, via email, (normally within 24 hours), to provide you with a completely free analysis and quote.

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