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The Allen County Library, in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, is the second largest Genealogy Library in the world.  Many folks travel from all over the U.S. to have an opportunity to research here. 

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Some of the types of things that I have access to at the Allen Co. library are as follows:

1.  All Federal Census records, along with indexes and soundexes.  1790-1930.

2.  Many State census records

3.  All extant mortality schedules 1850-1880

4.  Family Histories:  More than 50,000 volumes of compiled genealogies represent work already done on American and European families, and range from brief typescripts to well documented multi-volume works. Nearly 5000 genealogies on microfiche and numerous family newsletters complement this collection.

5.  1890 Union Veterans and Widows schedules

6.  Revolutionary War Pension Index.

7.  Complete Revolutionary War Pension Files:  If you had an ancestor who received a Revolutionary War Pension, the pension can be full of great data.  These pension files are often 40-60 pages of great info.

 8.  Many type of published books covering every state and county in the US.  These include such things as:

    a.  Deed Abstracts

    b.  Will Abstracts

    c.  County Histories

    d.  Transcribed Birth and Death Records

    e.  Transcribed Marriage Records

     f.  Cemetery Records

 And much, much more......

 9.  Many Microfilmed Records covering most states and counties in the US.  These include such things as:

    a.  Original Deeds

    b.  Wills

    c.  Old Marriage records which have been microfilmed from the original records

    d.  Birth and Death Records

And much more....

 10.  The library has one of the largest Periodical collections in the world, with nearly 10,000 titles. These periodicals are indexed, and are the most overlooked genealogical source available (in my opinion).

 11.  Native American Records

      a.  All Indian census schedules 1885-1944

      b.  Applications & Enrollment cards of the Five Civilized Tribes 1896-1914

      c.  Indian Claims Commission Decisions

      d.  American Indian periodicals

      e.  Indian Pioneer History Collection and Index

      f.   Records of the Cherokee Agency in TN 1801-35

 12.  Draper Manuscript Collection & Shane Papers. 

 13.  Various Military Records

 14.  Passenger Lists:  Most National Archives passenger lists and indexes on microfilm are available, as are most major printed sources for immigration records.

 15.  Many City Directories

 16.  African-American records:

        a. All federal census slave schedules 1850 and 1860

        b.  Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War

        c.  Freedmen's Bureau (1865-70) and Freedmen's Savings & Trust Co. (1865-74) Records

        d.  Pennsylvania Abolition Society Papers

        e.  Slavery in Ante-Bellum Southern Industries

         f.  State Slavery Statutes

 The Allen County Library is an outstanding place for genealogy research.  Folks travel from all over the US to do research at this wonderful facility.